IMG_6290I am Angie, lover of yarn, books, beaches, dogs, and my pragmatically quiet husband. Our little family, mama, papi,  and our border collie babies Maggie and Mary Grace enjoy quiet nights,  sunny days, cool afternoons, and a yard full of squirrels to chase.

I am a children’s librarian by day, a flutist on the weekend, and a creator by night. I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else. Except maybe living at the beach.


Check out some of my favorite posts about enjoying a simple life.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. This is so wacky, but I saw your pic in your dinosaur dress on ModCloth and noticed the shelves behind you and thought, “Hey! She’s a kid’s librarian!”, and so I googled your username. I’m an elementary school librarian and I’m obsessed with that dress (which is, sadly, out of stock in my size), so I just needed to know more about you! Maybe I’m a little bit creeper…
    Anyway, your blog is cute. Maybe we’ll run into each other at a conference someday, since our field is small. Keep up the awesome fashion!


  2. Fantastic! I’m in love with you already! I’m a quilter, I do knit, but not very well. We have a border collie/blue heeler mix baby. And the kicker…I play violin in a couple of community orchestras! Keep up the good work.


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    • Thank you! I found it last year on a trip to St. Petersburg Florida. I live in PA and mom and I were visiting my mother-in-law.
      We took a boat ride to an island called Shell Island and I found this treasure. I was so happy it made it home unbroken.<3

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