The Civility Solution

P.M. Forni the author of the book The Civility Solution will be a speaker at our next development program for employees at the library. His book is interesting and offers a guide to being civil in our lives.
1. Slow down and be present in your life.
2. Listen to the voice of empathy.
3. Keep a positive attitude.
4. Respect others and grant them plenty of validation.
5. Disagree graciously and refrain from arguing.
6. Get to know the people around you.
7. Pay attention to the small things.
8. Ask, don’t tell.

Forni also offers a litany of scenarios and the civil solution that should follow. These situations are particularly helpful when dealing with rude people. Most of the information he provides seems like common sense to a person who has manners but so many of us forget our manners. I think it could be the situation. For example some when some people get into their cars they turn into a completely different animal…..a raging one. Or perhaps someone is mad and writes you an email  saying things they would never say to you in person.  Personally I think many children are not taught manners and don’t see civility in their homes.. Young people don’t know how to treat others or have good manners unless someone teaches them and most importantly practices them.

Laurie King I love your Sherlock!

I think Laurie King has done an excellent job of  recreating Sherlock Holmes in her Mary Russell series. I just finished the Beekeeper’s Apprentice and I loved it. The young and modern Mary Russell becomes friends with Sherlock despite their age and gender differences. Russell, as Sherlock calls her, brings out a much more humorous and caring side of Holmes. Russell becomes a student of the ways of Sherlock Holmes and eventually a match for his detecting skills. There are many adventures packed into the first book in the Mary Russell series, The Beekeepers Apprentice.

Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries

I love to knit and I enjoy reading mysteries so when the two come together in this series I couldn’t be happier. Maggie offers knitting patterns and I made the tank top in Needled to Death and the mittens in Fleece Navidad.

#1 Knit One, Kill Two
#2 Needled to Death
#3 A Deadly Yarn
#4 A Killer Stitch
#5 Dyer Consequences
#6 Fleece Navidad
#7 Dropped Dead Stitch

Jo Dereske’s Miss Zukas’ Library Series Mysteries

These mysteries are sweet and a little old fashioned but amusing to me. I find the librarian herione in the mysteries to be fascinating.
#1 Miss Zukas and the Library Murders
#2 Miss Zukas and the Island Murders
#3 Miss Zukas and the Stroke of Death
#4 Miss Zukas and the Raven’s Dance
#5 Out of Circulation 1997
#6 Final Notice 1998
#7 Miss Zukas in Death’s Shadow
#8 Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence
#9 Bookmarked to Die 2006
#10 Catalogue to Death
#11 Index to Murder 2008