Buy Sauce at Target & Support Farmers

the-beekman-boysI adore the Beekman 1802 Boys. I first heard of them when they had a show on the Planet Green called the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Mom and I have been following them on facebook and we even visited them in New York 2 years ago for their Harvest Festival. AT the festival we got to tour the farm and meet the boys at their store in Sharon Springs NY.



We bought t-shirts to support their endeavor on the Amazing Race.They won!!!



I also bought some spaghetti sauce on our visit. Sales from this sauce were going to help farmers pay their mortgages. I thought that was a great idea! The tomatoes they use are a variety called Mortgage Lifters. I had no idea what I was in for when I first tasted the Mortgage Lifter Sauce. I tasted heaven. It is the most wonderful, freshest sauce I have ever had, and I have made sauce from tomatoes I have grown in my own little garden. Needless to say I was excited to get an email the other day about my favorite sauce, The Mortgage Lifter, will be available in select Target stores. Luckily I live in an area where I could feasibly drive to 4 Target stores. I was in luck, the store closest to me in Exton, PA was stocking it. Off I went. I bought 2 jars of the delicious sauce and enjoyed it for dinner.

Read the article From Seed to Jar to learn more about how this sauce was born.

Me at Target in Exton, PA buying my sauce.

Me at Target in Exton, PA buying my sauce.


Enjoying Mortgage Lifter and spaghetti for dinner.


Downton Abbey Costumes at Winterthur Museum

Winterthur Museum is located in Wilmington, Delaware which is only about 30 minutes from my house. I can’t believe I have not visited the museum until now, but I am glad that I finally made it there. We enjoyed the garden tour through the property and the tour of the  mansion but the Downton Abbey Costume exhibit was the highlight of our visit. We were amazed at the quantity of costumes they had on display as well as the craftsmanship. These costumes are works of art. If you live nearby I highly recommend you visit Winterthur before the end of this year.

Furry Baby Friday

Elegant Maggie

Elegant Maggie

Mary Grace

Mary Grace


I love my dogs. I mean I really love my dogs. My husband and I cherish our Border Collie mix rescue babies. We realize that we are a little crazy and to the non-dog or non-cat lover we may seem nuts but that’s our life.


My phone has thousands of adorable pictures of my pups and every Friday I will share my favorite ones with you. I encourage you to share your favorite pictures as well Please post a link to your photo or post in the comments below.

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Salt Dough Fossils

1 C salt
2 C flour
1 C water/coffee
Mix all ingredients. Roll out dough and stamp fossils using Dino feet, shells, bark, leaves, seeds, nuts, pretty much whatever you want.
Bake 200 for 2 hours or let dry for a few days.