The One Plate Challenge

As I was tackling the mound of dishes in our kitchen I started to think about how much time I spend on my day off trying to keep up with cleaning the kitchen. I sometimes do three loads of dishes and still have some left. I know I really shouldn’t complain because we have a dishwasher but the volume of dishes is overwhelming. We have such little counter space that the piling becomes ridiculous. My husband has a habit of stacking plates on our flat top stove and I know one day something bad will happen. Avalanche or fire I am not interested in damage control.


Here I declare that I will use the same plate, the same bowl, the same drinking glass, the same tea-cup, and the same utensils for the next few weeks. Let’s see if I can tame the mountains of dishes in our kitchen.


6 thoughts on “The One Plate Challenge

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  2. Good luck! I have a big dishwasher and a small family and over the years I have learned to load it with precision. My MIL is impressed! I don’t even wash the dishes before they go in, unless it’s rice, flour or pasta, or if it’s going to be a few hours before it runs….I have other house cleaning demons….

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  4. It must be in the air. I announced to my family that we would be doing this a few weeks ago. This past week, I rearranged the cabinets so everyone has a cubby for their favorite dishes. We have a fairly eclectic mix of pottery and glasses so it’s easy to tell whose is which. It’s all part of adjusting to adult children moving back in. I have also instituted an everybody cooks one night a week policy. It all seems to be working so far! 🙂 I wish you happy simplifying!


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