The Owl Sweater Has Been Adopted

IMG_7093I finally finished the Owl Sweater and I am very happy with it. This sweater was designed to be a fitted sweater and I don’t like anything too tight so I made some alterations to the pattern and I didn’t do the darts. The sweater ended up with a boxy shape and I liked it. I thought the sweater fit nicely but it was very long.  I hadn’t planned on that happening and I was stumped. See the post Owl Sweater for the link to the pattern.

The other issue is that even though I soaked the sweater in vinegar and later in hair conditioner, it was still too itchy for me. There is a joke in my family that I am so sensitive that I am the princess and the pea. Yeah, that’s pretty much me. What can I do? I have sensitive skin. Mom was at my house today and I showed her the sweater and she asked if I was being a princess, yeah probably so. I insisted she try it on and tell me its not itchy. She tried it on and loved it. She agreed it was a little itchy but it didn’t bother her.I gave  her the sweater, se was so excited. I know myself pretty well and I know that I will never wear it if it is the least bit itchy. Honestly, it looks cuter on her than me. It fits her like a sweater dress and looks adorable with leggins. Mom isn’t sure she wants to add the eyes. (Each owl should get 2 small buttons for eyes).  She loves it and I told her it was her early Christmas present ❤

Mommy got the sweater.

Mommy got the sweater.

Homemade Hand Soap

I must admit that I have a new addiction Pinterest . I can’t help myself from browsing and browsing all of the beautifully creative things on this site. Yesterday I tried my first DIY from Pinterest and it was a success. I made 1/2 gallon of hand soap from a bar of soap. It was easy, fun and it will save us a lot of money on commercial hand soap.

My ingredients:
1 bar of Dr. Bronners Lemon Soap
1 T of liquid glycerin
50 drops lemon essential oil
1/2 gallon Water

I followed the directions from the farmers nest blog but substituted Dr Bronners for Meyers and cut the recipe in half to test it out. Mine worked wonderfully but I did use a hand mixer the next day and added a little extra water to break up chunks and create a smooth consistency.