Bento Chicken & Couscous

bento and chix bento full


So how wrong is it that I used my office scissors to cut my chicken today while I was eating lunch at my desk?  Really how different are they from kitchen shears and I use those all of the time! What’s in a name , I say. My MacGyver mom would cheer and say good job. ( I am MacGyver Jr. and always in training )  Well, it worked out nicely and my chicken was delicious. I am pretty sure I haven’t used my scissors to cut anything toxic lately.

Today I had chicken with hot wing sauce for dipping, parmesan flavored couscous and sweet corn.  I already ate my desert, an apple, but luckily I know there is cheesecake in my neighbor’s office. 🙂 yum.

Bento Cuke Pita

Cucumber pita is one of my most favorite, light lunches. Spread cream chees on the inside of the pita, sprinkle a bit of Spike or your favorite spices inside. Place a few cucmber slices inside and stuff with sprouts of your liking. I favor alfalfa and radish.

My lunch is rounded out with slices of plum, pitachips, and homemade fudge.

One More Bento Box

 I have a thing for lunch boxes, especially bento boxes. I love the shapes, colors, the stacking, the organizing. However, I hate making my lunch? Makes no sense but I love to buy cute lunch boxes and then they sit empty on my counter and I drive to Panera for another Napa Chicken Sandwich and mac and cheese. 

This is my latest purchase and I am hoping to be inspired to plan ahead and make myself a lunch or two. A few weeks ago I came across a great bento book for making easy lunches. I should confess that I am also in the habit of buying cookbooks, reading them before I go to bed, but never making one recipe. This is another example but the book is great. Beating the Lunch Box Blues by J.M. Hirsch

Bento Lunch #1

So I got this awesome little Bento Box for Christmas and I am hoping to start packing healthier, portion controlled lunches. I will be taking photos of the lunches that I thought were a hit. So in a week or two when I am staring at the refrigerator and can’t think of what to make myself for lunch I will have a nice go to blog list.
I hope my hits inspire you too 🙂
Bento Lunch #1
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammie on WW bread
7 carrots
Salad with greens, cranberries, walnuts, crutons, and poppyseed dressing