A Planting We Will Go

Every year I think to myself how nice it would be if I planned ahead and started just a few plants and flowers from seeds. A few years ago I tried but I really wasn’t paying attention to the poor little things and they dried up. Was it their fault?  Goodness no. I just keep on trying. (I’ve been listening to Pete the Cat lately)
My seeds, my seeds, my growing little seeds. I am tryingn to grow lavender, basil (love to make pesto!! and last year I spend almost $4 for a little bushel.), marigolds, and 2 kinds of tomatos.

Here are all of my little pods, 72 to be exact. I gave them a little warm water and they plumped right up. ( I think  my first attemp a few years ago I just threw the seeds on top and squired them a bit.)  With much more care this time I gingerly poked my finger in the middle to make a bigger hole and then in went the seeds. I covered them up a little bit. Put the plastic lid on the little guys and turned on the grow light.
Warmth and lighting was another area that I ignored last time. Our house is pretty chilly and I know the little seeds need the light and warmth. I bought a 60 watt bulb and I point it at the seeds for about 8 hours a day.

Let’s see what happens.
Day 3. Good Morning little marigolds.

Please don’t die 🙂
The marigolds are the first ones to show a little green.

So this is week 5 and everything but the lavender is doing well. Tomatoes, marigolds, and basil are doing fine. I think I will start new flowers soon to replace the lavender.

Snowstorn February 2010

This was a huge stowstorm. We got almost 3 1/2 feet of snow. Jason and I are sore from all of the shoveling.  It took us many many hours to clear out the driveway and the sidewalks. Luckily we both did not have to work for the two days.

JJ dug the pups a little trail so they can run around in a circle. Maggie looks like a bobsled when she runs; bumping into the snow and running like crazy.  All we can see of Mary is tail, as usual. She’s too small to be seen over the piles of snow but her tail is wagging high.

Close Call

If a tree falls in your front yard and no one is there to hear it does it make noise?

We were expecting a friend and when he came to the front door he said, ” You guys know you have a tree down in your front lawn…right?” Well we had no idea. There had been a lot of rain and the ground was soaked. We has a really strong wind come by and apparently knock down our 30 foot pine tree. We couldn’t believe it missed both of our cars in the driveway and the mailbox. Amazingly enough we had the tree removed the very next day, a Sunday. We paid dearly for this speedy weekend service, but we both needed to get our cars out for work on Monday. Jason and I were not fond of this tree but we really miss it. We will be planting something in the spring. I think that will make a grand total of 10 trees we have planted since we moved in in 2006.