The Owl Sweater Has Been Adopted

IMG_7093I finally finished the Owl Sweater and I am very happy with it. This sweater was designed to be a fitted sweater and I don’t like anything too tight so I made some alterations to the pattern and I didn’t do the darts. The sweater ended up with a boxy shape and I liked it. I thought the sweater fit nicely but it was very long.  I hadn’t planned on that happening and I was stumped. See the post Owl Sweater for the link to the pattern.

The other issue is that even though I soaked the sweater in vinegar and later in hair conditioner, it was still too itchy for me. There is a joke in my family that I am so sensitive that I am the princess and the pea. Yeah, that’s pretty much me. What can I do? I have sensitive skin. Mom was at my house today and I showed her the sweater and she asked if I was being a princess, yeah probably so. I insisted she try it on and tell me its not itchy. She tried it on and loved it. She agreed it was a little itchy but it didn’t bother her.I gave  her the sweater, se was so excited. I know myself pretty well and I know that I will never wear it if it is the least bit itchy. Honestly, it looks cuter on her than me. It fits her like a sweater dress and looks adorable with leggins. Mom isn’t sure she wants to add the eyes. (Each owl should get 2 small buttons for eyes).  She loves it and I told her it was her early Christmas present ❤

Mommy got the sweater.

Mommy got the sweater.

Furry Baby Friday

mag owls

Happy Friday Kids!

We made it through another week. I spend much of my week, when not working, knitting a really cute sweater. I am almost finished. I have off on Wednesdays and this was my view for most of the day. I was knitting and Maggie was chilaxin. She looks a little miffed in this photo because I kept calling her name to try to get her to look at me for the photo, she hates that.

If you look closely you can see the owls running along the top of my sweater. I will post a better photo when I am finished 🙂

Remember if you would like to participate in Furry Baby Friday just post a link to a photo, or two of your baby and I will post a roundup next Friday. We don’t discriminate any furry baby is welcome ❤

Owl Sweater


Owl Sweater by Kate Davies from Click on photo to purchase pattern from Kate.

Starting the owls.

I started knitting this sweater early last year. It is knit in the round from the bottom up. When I got to the owls I miscalculated my stitches and ended up frustrated and with crooked owls. I gave up and added it to my wips (works in progress).

A few weeks ago I ran into my friend Marsha at Wegman’s. We talked in the parking lot for probably an hour and decided we would both join a local meet-up of knitters that meet at Wegman’s on Wednesday nights. Marsha is a great knitter! She is the reason I am knitting the owl sweater. Last year I saw Marsh wearing this adorable sweater and knew right away that I had to knit it. I bought the pattern and off I went. I made it all the way up to the owls and then mistakes happened, naughty words were yelled and off the little owl sweater went into the closet. Just before my meet-up at Wegman’s I pulled the owl sweater out of my closet and I began the painful process of frogging. I frogged ( you know rip it, rip it, rip it) my mistakes and started it again.

To date only 2 of my owls are a little off but the rest are lining up perfectly. I am knitting this sweater in a blend of alpaca and acrylic. It is a little furry but very soft.  I’m not worried as it blends in very well with all of the dog hair in our house.

Alpaca Cable Scarf

I got this yarn over the summer in Cape May at the alpaca farm. I have been saving it for something special and I finally found it. this reversable cable pattern is perfect. I hope I will have enough yarn otherwise we will have to go to the beach for an emergency yarn purchase.

Lavender Shell

This is an unfinished Lavender Shell. this is a pattern from another Maggie Sefton book called, Needled to Death. It was so easy, knit in the round. You split the stitches and work on the front than the back and join at the top. It will be a kind of a tank top.

Mittens in a Heat Wave

Can you believe I was knitting this mitten this weekend and the temperatures were above 90 degrees. Good thing Jason keeps our house so cool or else I would have certaintly melted.

I made this easy mitten in varigated baby alpaca. The pattern came from my latest read, Fleece Navidad by Maggie Sefton. I just love her books. I can’t wait for the newest one to come out in June, it’s called Dropped dead Stitch.

Butterfly & Flower Sweater

I have been slowly working on my first color project. The sweater is from my favorite knitting book, Knit 2 Together. It is slowly coming along and I can actually make out the butterfly. The rose has already been completely frogged but the second time around it is working out better.