De-Clutter: Kitchen Counter





This weekend I managed to take one small part of my kitchen and clear out the clutter. We desperately need the counter space in my small kitchen and the pile of medicine was taking over valuable real estate in the kitchen. I pulled everything off the counter, cleaned up everything and began to toss. I tossed everything that was outdated (I found something from 2006) and items we will never use. I was hoping to completely clear the counter and get everything into the baskets but its better than it was. I need the hubs to go through everything and maybe toss more.

Baby steps…

7 thoughts on “De-Clutter: Kitchen Counter

  1. I’ve been promising myself I’d do a total blitz on my flat all year! But no matter how much I tell myself to just start small and do one bit at a time, I still put it off! Queen of procrastionation, that’s me! But you’re little kitchen corner has inspired me to get started. Here’s hoping…


    • That’s great Susan! When I tackled my master bedroom I felt so much lighter and less stressed out. It wasn’t easy but like with the kitchen counter, baby steps:-) Before you knkow it you might hav an entire room cleared out.


  2. Great job! It looks so much better than before. I have a make up bag under my sink I plan on tackling today…I need to declutter under the bathroom sink, but was putting it off and putting it off, so decided to start with the big makeup bag. I don’t wear makeup so maybe I can toss it all! ha!

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