Owl Sweater


Owl Sweater by Kate Davies from ravelry.com Click on photo to purchase pattern from Kate.

Starting the owls.

I started knitting this sweater early last year. It is knit in the round from the bottom up. When I got to the owls I miscalculated my stitches and ended up frustrated and with crooked owls. I gave up and added it to my wips (works in progress).

A few weeks ago I ran into my friend Marsha at Wegman’s. We talked in the parking lot for probably an hour and decided we would both join a local meet-up of knitters that meet at Wegman’s on Wednesday nights. Marsha is a great knitter! She is the reason I am knitting the owl sweater. Last year I saw Marsh wearing this adorable sweater and knew right away that I had to knit it. I bought the pattern and off I went. I made it all the way up to the owls and then mistakes happened, naughty words were yelled and off the little owl sweater went into the closet. Just before my meet-up at Wegman’s I pulled the owl sweater out of my closet and I began the painful process of frogging. I frogged ( you know rip it, rip it, rip it) my mistakes and started it again.

To date only 2 of my owls are a little off but the rest are lining up perfectly. I am knitting this sweater in a blend of alpaca and acrylic. It is a little furry but very soft.  I’m not worried as it blends in very well with all of the dog hair in our house.

10 thoughts on “Owl Sweater

  1. You can learn! I have been knitting for 9 years. When I first started it was tough and I didn’t enjoy it for the first year until I found a very patient teacher who helped me. In the beginning I could barely knit a scarf. Try to find a class or even you tube videos. Give it a try. It’s very relaxing and rewarding in the end.


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