Furry Baby Friday

pups in the car

We love a good car ride.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your week was as great as our week. We got to go for a car ride and we didn’t even have to go to the vet. YAY!! Have a great weekend and remember to post a link in the comments of your furry baby. Look for a round-up next Friday. Woof!

Furry Baby Friday Round-Up Debut


A big Thanks to Ellen at Project Easier for submitting a photo of her adorable furry baby Ajax. This furry baby is helping out with Ellen’s latest crochet project.




Who can resist those eyes. Our next furry baby belongs to my nephew, Tyson. Her name is Lucy. She is only a few weeks old and she is already breaking hearts with those dreamy eyes.





This lucky furry baby is the newest addition to my mother-in-laws family. She is adorable and fully relaxed in her new home. This photo was taken her first night in her new forever home and I think she is happy!




Queen Margaret insists on going outside, even when it is raining. She needs to constantly monitor the weather.

If you would like to participate in Furry Baby Friday please go to this week’s Furry Baby Friday Post and post a link to a photo of your baby in the comments. I will post a round-up the following week. Remember you can post a different photo of the same baby every week.

One Pan Wonder

Chicken, potatoes, and green beans make this a true wonder in one pan. Easy, and delicious.
one pot wonder

2 chicken breasts, cut and tossed with your choice of sauce ( I used honey mustard here)
3 red potatoes, cut
1 big handful of fresh green beans
Place all ingredients in a casserole dish.
Top the potatoes with butter
Cover and bake in the oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Buy Sauce at Target & Support Farmers

the-beekman-boysI adore the Beekman 1802 Boys. I first heard of them when they had a show on the Planet Green called the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Mom and I have been following them on facebook and we even visited them in New York 2 years ago for their Harvest Festival. AT the festival we got to tour the farm and meet the boys at their store in Sharon Springs NY.



We bought t-shirts to support their endeavor on the Amazing Race.They won!!!



I also bought some spaghetti sauce on our visit. Sales from this sauce were going to help farmers pay their mortgages. I thought that was a great idea! The tomatoes they use are a variety called Mortgage Lifters. I had no idea what I was in for when I first tasted the Mortgage Lifter Sauce. I tasted heaven. It is the most wonderful, freshest sauce I have ever had, and I have made sauce from tomatoes I have grown in my own little garden. Needless to say I was excited to get an email the other day about my favorite sauce, The Mortgage Lifter, will be available in select Target stores. Luckily I live in an area where I could feasibly drive to 4 Target stores. I was in luck, the store closest to me in Exton, PA was stocking it. Off I went. I bought 2 jars of the delicious sauce and enjoyed it for dinner.

Read the article From Seed to Jar to learn more about how this sauce was born.

Me at Target in Exton, PA buying my sauce.

Me at Target in Exton, PA buying my sauce.


Enjoying Mortgage Lifter and spaghetti for dinner.


French Onion Soup

IMG_6841[1]The hubs loves french onion soup. I hate french onion soup but I like to make it. It’s easy and it makes him happy so I don’t mind. I loosely used the recipe from Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook.

My version makes enough for 2 good servings.IMG_6838[1]

Enjoy 🙂

1 large’ sweet onion, sliced
2 C beef broth
1 tsp of worcestershire sauce
dash of pepper
1 fresh hoagie roll
cheese of your liking, I used an Italian mix.

1. Saute onion in pan with a bit of butter until golden.
2. Add beef broth, worcestershire sauce, pepper and bring to a boil. Let simmer a few minutes and turn to low heat.
3. Slice roll into thick slices, add butter to top, add cheese, and toast.
4. Spoon soup into bowl add some cheese, and place toasted cheesy bread on top.

That’s it. Easy peasy 🙂







“Gratitude matters.

A grateful heart is a contented heart. A contented heart is a simple heart. And a simple heart leads to a simplified life.

Gratitude opens the door to simplicity. A person who is grateful for the things they own will care for them, enjoy them, and waste less energy seeking more. They will experience fulfillment in the gifts they already possess rather than looking outside themselves for more.

But we live in a culture that preaches discontent. A consumer culture will always attack gratitude—if they can sow discontent in our lives, they can sell us their new product line or latest version with new improvements.

In contrast, those who can find gratitude in their current existence will be less influenced by those empty promises.”

Joshua Becker at  becomming minimalist

I am inspired to make more of an effort to recognize and record things I am grateful for in my life.

1. family

2. my furry babies

3. pretty good health

4. quiet time with the hubs

5. rainy days off from work

Haiku Promise and Gift

haikupromiseandgiftI had a very stressful week at work. I had to deal with a couple of very unpleasant situations. I made it to the other side and I feel like I combated some fears I had. This past week left me feeling stronger and appreciative of each day I have to accept new challenges.

Enjoy my haiku this week. Our words are promise and gift. Visit my friend ronovanwrites to participate in the creative fun.

Blogging 201 Goals


I am participating in Blogging 201 and our first assignment is to establish 3 concrete goals for our blog.


1. Keep up with my weekly challenges. I participate in the weekly haiku challenge at ronovanwrites.wordpress.com I also created my own weekly challenge called Furry Baby Friday. Here I post a picture every Friday of my pups and I invite friends to post links to photos of their furry babies in the comments.

2. Post at least 2 times per week. This is my minimum and I hope for 4 times per week.

3. Take time to explore posts of friends out in the blogosphere. This includes reading at least half of ronovanwrites haiku submissions and commenting/liking  at least 5.