Simplify on Saturday

One of my goals for NaBloPoMo is to share with you how I am de-cluttering my life and my house. This is a large task and I am always chipping away at the clutter little by little. I feel like clutter is taking over my life, especially in my house. A few months ago I enlisted Guru Grandma aka MacGyver, aka my mom to help me tackle the master bedroom. She is amazing at clearing out the junk and making a room look open and fresh. We did the master bedroom in one long day. It was too embarrassing to even take before photos but for this challenge I promise I will do it, no matter how bad it is.

If anyone is interested in joining me please post a link to your photos in the comments or just share your experiences. I must admit it always helps to see friends too have piles of clutter.

10 thoughts on “Simplify on Saturday

  1. We are clearing out tons of junk and I plan to post a pic of our hoarder-riffic garage. We’re not hoarders at all, but the garage is a catch all, so I too will be showing the world our glutinous collection of crap we don’t need or use.

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  2. You go Angie! I too am a clutter bug. I am chipping away at my clutter. Having a husband who is a clutter bug too doesn’t help. He didn’t used to hold on to “things”. And we kinda balanced each other out. But now with our canal house and our Houston house, seems to be getting out of control. Count me in. I will take this journey with you! Big question is where to start. Have you heard of Fly Lady? It’s a really cool concept and I use to follow and things were getting better, but then I went back to work. Check out

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    • Thanks Teal Dragon:-)
      I have heard of fly lady, I need to check her out. Where to start? I used to keep a running list of all of the areas I wanted to de-clutter. Now I just walk arounfd the house and see what needs my attention the most. Sometimes it is just a counter or a junk drawer but its something.
      Good Luck. Keep me posted on your progress.


      • today, I cleaned out the bottom drawer in my music cabinet. so many method books I will never use again. No longer teach and plan to not teach again. I kept some of my beginning solos for sentimental reasons, but most have been purged. Plus, I found some music I have been looking for! woo hoo!


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