Furry Baby Friday Round-Up Debut


A big Thanks to Ellen at Project Easier for submitting a photo of her adorable furry baby Ajax. This furry baby is helping out with Ellen’s latest crochet project.




Who can resist those eyes. Our next furry baby belongs to my nephew, Tyson. Her name is Lucy. She is only a few weeks old and she is already breaking hearts with those dreamy eyes.





This lucky furry baby is the newest addition to my mother-in-laws family. She is adorable and fully relaxed in her new home. This photo was taken her first night in her new forever home and I think she is happy!




Queen Margaret insists on going outside, even when it is raining. She needs to constantly monitor the weather.

If you would like to participate in Furry Baby Friday please go to this week’s Furry Baby Friday Post and post a link to a photo of your baby in the comments. I will post a round-up the following week. Remember you can post a different photo of the same baby every week.

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