Furry Baby Friday

booboo sickieHappy Friday kids! My booboo in this photo is down in the dumps. She has been itching her skin like crazy and we gave her medicine to help calm down her hot spots. We gave her a small fraction of what is recommended because she is so sensitive. Poor think was out in the freezing rain last night getting sick. This morning she is a tad grumpy, rightfully so, but she still takes a beautiful photo.  Feel better booboo.

If you would ike to join in the Furry Baby Fun add a link to a photo of your furry baby in the comments. All furry friends welcome 🙂

Furry Baby Friday

mag owls

Happy Friday Kids!

We made it through another week. I spend much of my week, when not working, knitting a really cute sweater. I am almost finished. I have off on Wednesdays and this was my view for most of the day. I was knitting and Maggie was chilaxin. She looks a little miffed in this photo because I kept calling her name to try to get her to look at me for the photo, she hates that.

If you look closely you can see the owls running along the top of my sweater. I will post a better photo when I am finished 🙂

Remember if you would like to participate in Furry Baby Friday just post a link to a photo, or two of your baby and I will post a roundup next Friday. We don’t discriminate any furry baby is welcome ❤

Furry Baby Friday Round-Up Debut


A big Thanks to Ellen at Project Easier for submitting a photo of her adorable furry baby Ajax. This furry baby is helping out with Ellen’s latest crochet project.




Who can resist those eyes. Our next furry baby belongs to my nephew, Tyson. Her name is Lucy. She is only a few weeks old and she is already breaking hearts with those dreamy eyes.





This lucky furry baby is the newest addition to my mother-in-laws family. She is adorable and fully relaxed in her new home. This photo was taken her first night in her new forever home and I think she is happy!




Queen Margaret insists on going outside, even when it is raining. She needs to constantly monitor the weather.

If you would like to participate in Furry Baby Friday please go to this week’s Furry Baby Friday Post and post a link to a photo of your baby in the comments. I will post a round-up the following week. Remember you can post a different photo of the same baby every week.

Furry Baby Friday #2

Happy Friday Friends!!


Attentive puppers Mary Grace & Maggie

Nobody is more attentive than two little stinkers watching me eat.

I had a very challenging work week so I welcome this little puppy reprieve. Enjoy my adorables and include a link to a picture of your furry baby in the comments. I will post a roundup each week (Originally I said monthly, but I don’t want to hoard all of the cuteness 🙂 )


Furry Baby Friday

Elegant Maggie

Elegant Maggie

Mary Grace

Mary Grace


I love my dogs. I mean I really love my dogs. My husband and I cherish our Border Collie mix rescue babies. We realize that we are a little crazy and to the non-dog or non-cat lover we may seem nuts but that’s our life.


My phone has thousands of adorable pictures of my pups and every Friday I will share my favorite ones with you. I encourage you to share your favorite pictures as well Please post a link to your photo or post in the comments below.

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