So Far So Good: Day 4 One Plate Challenge

photo (1)I took on the One Plate Challenge four days ago and I am still going strong. It has made a huge difference in the amount of dishes coming into the kitchen. I must admit that I was blaming my husband for the overabundance of dishes but I am partly majorly  to blame. I have a terrible habit of leaving dishes all over the house.

During this challenge I now find myself searching for my green bowl and my blue plate. It made me aware of how lazy I have been about taking care of my own dishes. I have a place  right next to the sink where I am putting my one plate, bowl, cup, and utensils. It is working out nicely, so far so good.

How are you doing with the One Plate Challenge?


UPDATE: I stink!! I only made it one week before time got the best of me and I was rushing to eat breakfast or hurrying to grab a lunch and I started grabbing plates and utensils from the cabinet. It is a great challenge and I will try it again sometime soon. Please let me know if you take on this challenge and if you are successful.

The One Plate Challenge

As I was tackling the mound of dishes in our kitchen I started to think about how much time I spend on my day off trying to keep up with cleaning the kitchen. I sometimes do three loads of dishes and still have some left. I know I really shouldn’t complain because we have a dishwasher but the volume of dishes is overwhelming. We have such little counter space that the piling becomes ridiculous. My husband has a habit of stacking plates on our flat top stove and I know one day something bad will happen. Avalanche or fire I am not interested in damage control.


Here I declare that I will use the same plate, the same bowl, the same drinking glass, the same tea-cup, and the same utensils for the next few weeks. Let’s see if I can tame the mountains of dishes in our kitchen.


Linkey Wedensday Party

This Wednesday I am hosting a frugal living party. I will feature bloggers talking about simplicity and frugal living.

What do you think about living a simpler lifestyle?


I starting counting my dishes. For 2 adults we have 12 dinner pates, 24 bowls, 30 forks, and 18 drinking glasses. Eek. That is just too much for 2 people.  I would like to try to use the same plate,  bowl,  glass, and fork/spoon/knife for a few weeks and see how much it cuts down on the great kitchen pileup. My husband  and I both work really long days so our days off are for catching up. We both let things, like the kitchen, go until we have a day off to get it back together. Anyone else willing to take the One Plate Challenge  along with me?  Let me know in the comments. Good luck and welcome to the party 🙂

What inspires you to become more frugal? Fancyfrugallady

Srtivingforsimplicity shares misconceptions of the Minimalist Lifestyle. What is it really all about?

Living out of her car a Free Spirited Woman requires the most minimal of minimalism.

Jodi at Lunate and the Mermaid shares about the price we pay to live a simple life.




Armpit Fudge

armpit fudge

This is what we do at meetings for Children’s Librarians. Each month the children’s librarians from our county meet to share what we are doing, complain about what we have to do, and inspire each other to keep on going. We have 18 libraries in our county so we usually get a nice turnout. After we snacked, chatted, and picked our FREE books one of the librarians came around with a piece of American cheese and a baggie of powdered sugar.

I do what with the cheese? Yes, you put it in your armpit to warm it up. Well, ok.

After adding butter, cocoa powder, vanilla, and the warmed cheese you mash and mash until it resembles a brown blob. That’s your armpit fudge. Did I try it? Yes, after I saw my neighbor try it then smile I though I’d give it a go. Results? Well let’s just say that I think it would be a great project for young boys that think armpits are funny.

Really, it was pretty good. 😉

Bento Chicken & Couscous

bento and chix bento full


So how wrong is it that I used my office scissors to cut my chicken today while I was eating lunch at my desk?  Really how different are they from kitchen shears and I use those all of the time! What’s in a name , I say. My MacGyver mom would cheer and say good job. ( I am MacGyver Jr. and always in training )  Well, it worked out nicely and my chicken was delicious. I am pretty sure I haven’t used my scissors to cut anything toxic lately.

Today I had chicken with hot wing sauce for dipping, parmesan flavored couscous and sweet corn.  I already ate my desert, an apple, but luckily I know there is cheesecake in my neighbor’s office. 🙂 yum.

Ouverture by Telemann

This is the piece I am working on. It is called Ouverture by Georg Phillip Telemann. So far I am up to about 2:15. Remember professional players with orchestra and everything 🙂 It really is a beautiful piece.

You can hear more of the flute in this one but unfortunatley the piano does not enhance the piece in some parts.


I find myself up in the middle of the night tossing and turning somewhere around 2am. When I look at the clock and I see 4:30 I know I have a problem. The hubs came home early with an unidentifiable sickness and I think I caught his cooties, yay. My achey muscles and pounding head keep me in bed most of the day and I find myself feeling like a lump. Where do you turn when you need to de-lumpify? My Adorable board on Pinterst of course. As a lover of dogs my Pinterst Adorable board is chock full of puppies and dogs in many states of cuteness. You might see a kitten or a baby goat too.

This is one of my favorites

This is my Adorable board just incase you need a little cheering up

Hi, My Name is Angie

I have many interests from baking to knitting to playing the flute to relaxing with my dogs. I love my job as a Children’s Librarian and my place in my world creating and inspiring along the way. I like to keep record of things in my life and blogging is the easiest way for me to this. I often refer friends to my blog for a recipe or a knitting pattern. I really enjoy reminicising over the archives of my life. Kind of like looking through a photo album with the added bonus of stories to go along with almost everything. I have a terrible memory and blogging helps me to overcome the fear that I will forget something important.

My tag line  library girl, knitting ninja, and lover of dogs sums up my loves but I have a hard time organizing all of my interests into cohesive blog. I feel like my blog is very scattered. I hope to find a sense of organizations as well as a chance to become a better writer. I have always enjoyed writing but time elludes me and life gets in the way. I hope to make blogging a daily routine.

I hope to connect with new friends with similar interests as well as those with new ideas. I can see my blog becomming a place friends will share, inspire, and enjoy.IMG_6428.PNG



A Day in My Life: To-Do? Done!

Choose five things you would like to change in your life. Magically and instantly they change. What does your life look like now?

1. relationship
2. financial stability
3. fitness level
4. health
5. time to practice flute

I wake up next to my dear husband that gives me a butterfly kiss as he gets up to start his day. We enjoy a nice light breakfast together on our deck overlooking our beautifully wooded back yard. There is no rush as we both work very flexible schedules in jobs that we love. We linger over coffee for him and iced tea for me. Our dogs lie by our feet as we plan our day. The pups have free reign of our vast property that is gated and protected.

Off to work we go. We live in a community that allows us to ride our bikes into town on a safe trail and walk to our jobs, to shopping, and anything else we need. We hop on our bikes and off we go. We lock our bikes in the town park and part ways as we go to our jobs. The hubs is a teacher at the local school and I am the children’s librarian at the local public library.

In our simplified lives we have time to take long walks and our health is so good that I not longer have diabetes and the hubs is off his high blood pressure medicine. We are looking and feeling good for our mid-forties.

Our simplified lives have given me the opportunity to practice my flute. I ride my bike home for lunch and practice my flute after I have a healthy sandwich and salad. I walk the dogs and head back to the library on my bike.

Our house is paid off, we have no credit card debt, we own both of our cars, and our bicycles. We live on a fraction of what we earn and we save 50% of what we make. The hubs is attentive, caring, and talks to me and is the most positive person I know. We are healthy, happy, low stress people and life is good.

Lesson to learn: almost every paragraph has the word simplify in it.