A Day in My Life: To-Do? Done!

Choose five things you would like to change in your life. Magically and instantly they change. What does your life look like now?

1. relationship
2. financial stability
3. fitness level
4. health
5. time to practice flute

I wake up next to my dear husband that gives me a butterfly kiss as he gets up to start his day. We enjoy a nice light breakfast together on our deck overlooking our beautifully wooded back yard. There is no rush as we both work very flexible schedules in jobs that we love. We linger over coffee for him and iced tea for me. Our dogs lie by our feet as we plan our day. The pups have free reign of our vast property that is gated and protected.

Off to work we go. We live in a community that allows us to ride our bikes into town on a safe trail and walk to our jobs, to shopping, and anything else we need. We hop on our bikes and off we go. We lock our bikes in the town park and part ways as we go to our jobs. The hubs is a teacher at the local school and I am the children’s librarian at the local public library.

In our simplified lives we have time to take long walks and our health is so good that I not longer have diabetes and the hubs is off his high blood pressure medicine. We are looking and feeling good for our mid-forties.

Our simplified lives have given me the opportunity to practice my flute. I ride my bike home for lunch and practice my flute after I have a healthy sandwich and salad. I walk the dogs and head back to the library on my bike.

Our house is paid off, we have no credit card debt, we own both of our cars, and our bicycles. We live on a fraction of what we earn and we save 50% of what we make. The hubs is attentive, caring, and talks to me and is the most positive person I know. We are healthy, happy, low stress people and life is good.

Lesson to learn: almost every paragraph has the word simplify in it.