Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

tnh calligraphy

tnh calligraphy

It is being reported on the Plum Village website that Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is in hospital. He is 88 years old. Please see this link Plum Village Update for more information.

Sending love and light to this amazing master teacher.

Haiku: Stress & Hold


strssed out fox

photo credit tattoosa.com












I run from stress like
a fox chases its prey
Maintaining my calm

A big thanks to ronovanwrites for the Weekly Haiku Prompts. If you would like to join in the creative visit ronovanwrites.wordpress.com

Happy Haiku to you.

Where I Need to Go

feetI almost gave up on my goal to write a blog post every day for the month of November in NaBloPoMo and it’s all because of my foot. I have been successful in planning my posts and organizing my ideas so I have something to share every day then, BOOM I fell.

I have had this pain in my heel and it was getting worse by the day. I knew I would have to go to the doctor and probably get another cortizone shot in the bottom of my foot. The needle is big and painful and I really wanted to avoid it. Nope, not after flailing arms and flying keys in the parking lot of a huge mall left me kissing the pavement this past weekend. I had bloody knees and painful feet and I knew I would have to visit Dr Needle for my shot.

I pretended to be an adult and I went to the doctor first thing on Monday. I got the shot and promised Dr Needle that I would follow all of his orders and wear the special shoes with orthotics. I love to go barefoot. No more bare feet! Boo!  I am recovering and feeling better little by little so I felt like I could refocus on my blog.

I was unhappy that one little derailment in my life kept me from posting for 3 days. I am back and I hope to keep on posting. In the end I am grateful that I bounced back so quickly. When I was in serious pain I though about each step I took and reevaulated paths througout the day. I don’t take my feet for granted and thankfully they still get me where I need to go.


Planner Tool Kit

Years ago I bought my husbtoolbox frontand the black version of this craftsman tool kit for him to use for everyday tools. A few days ago I saw someone using the adorable pink one for their planner supplies and knew I had to have it. For around $13 I acquired the very handy, beautifully bright Craftsman Planner Kit. It easily fits my purple Day Timer, 4 Moleskine notebooks (waiting on their Postdori which is on the way), a medium size pencil case with lots of room to grow. I especially like the outside pockets which can hold lots of pens, pencils, highlighters and markers.

Grumpy Cat is a silly surprise for the grumpy hubs.

toolbox side

Furry Baby Friday

mag owls

Happy Friday Kids!

We made it through another week. I spend much of my week, when not working, knitting a really cute sweater. I am almost finished. I have off on Wednesdays and this was my view for most of the day. I was knitting and Maggie was chilaxin. She looks a little miffed in this photo because I kept calling her name to try to get her to look at me for the photo, she hates that.

If you look closely you can see the owls running along the top of my sweater. I will post a better photo when I am finished 🙂

Remember if you would like to participate in Furry Baby Friday just post a link to a photo, or two of your baby and I will post a roundup next Friday. We don’t discriminate any furry baby is welcome ❤

I Love the Rain

rainsmileI really do enjoy the rain. When I was little I was very afraid of the rain. I was a nervous kid and many things frightened me, weather included. I was terrified of the earth shattering booms of a thunderstorm. My dogs are terrified of the rain, thunderstorms, lightning; they hate it all. Their fear reminds me of begin a child scared of the unknown. We comfort the pups the best we can and they have their spots where they find some solace during a storm. It never seems to be enough, until it passes us by.

Now as an adult I find the sounds of rain very comforting. Sometimes I like to open my window, just a bit, to hear the raindrops falling. I enjoy restful sleep when it is raining outside.I am comforted by the rain and the cocoon like state it offers. I feel like life is slowing down and being cleansed of everything. The rain is giving us the opportunity to start anew, try again, and continue forward.

If is not raining where you live and you are looking for this relaxing sound you can listen to 10 hours of Gentle Rain  on you tube. Who knew.


Haiku: Focus and Stray

haiku focus stray

Focus on the task

My mind wanders to the beach

Just one more stray shell


I am always dreaming of the beach when I should be doing my work. My hubs collected all of the sea glass in this photo in Cape May, NJ. This is a small fraction of the sea glass we have. I do not have the eye nor the patience for finding such gems.


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What the Holidays Mean to My 7 Year Old Nephew

What the holidays mean to me
Candy in your stocking
presents in a box
playing basketball wearing new underwear and socks
all the food and
all the thanks being given to you.
making the toast- it will be charming, funny and true
play with your presents
maybe eat  cookies and drink some milk
and put on sweaters made of silk
Take down the stockings
And remember to say bye to all
and try not to fall
Tyson H.
I cheated today. I am posting a cool poem written by my nephew Tyson. I love him to bits!!

Owl Sweater


Owl Sweater by Kate Davies from ravelry.com Click on photo to purchase pattern from Kate.

Starting the owls.

I started knitting this sweater early last year. It is knit in the round from the bottom up. When I got to the owls I miscalculated my stitches and ended up frustrated and with crooked owls. I gave up and added it to my wips (works in progress).

A few weeks ago I ran into my friend Marsha at Wegman’s. We talked in the parking lot for probably an hour and decided we would both join a local meet-up of knitters that meet at Wegman’s on Wednesday nights. Marsha is a great knitter! She is the reason I am knitting the owl sweater. Last year I saw Marsh wearing this adorable sweater and knew right away that I had to knit it. I bought the pattern and off I went. I made it all the way up to the owls and then mistakes happened, naughty words were yelled and off the little owl sweater went into the closet. Just before my meet-up at Wegman’s I pulled the owl sweater out of my closet and I began the painful process of frogging. I frogged ( you know rip it, rip it, rip it) my mistakes and started it again.

To date only 2 of my owls are a little off but the rest are lining up perfectly. I am knitting this sweater in a blend of alpaca and acrylic. It is a little furry but very soft.  I’m not worried as it blends in very well with all of the dog hair in our house.

De-Clutter: Kitchen Counter





This weekend I managed to take one small part of my kitchen and clear out the clutter. We desperately need the counter space in my small kitchen and the pile of medicine was taking over valuable real estate in the kitchen. I pulled everything off the counter, cleaned up everything and began to toss. I tossed everything that was outdated (I found something from 2006) and items we will never use. I was hoping to completely clear the counter and get everything into the baskets but its better than it was. I need the hubs to go through everything and maybe toss more.

Baby steps…