Furry Baby Friday

A story of Maggie (black, alpha, age 13) Marry Grace (black, submissive, age 9), and Millie (spotted puppy, age 2) told in photos and captions.

mary and millie

Hi spotty Millie. Nice to smell you.

save me

Oh *%#$ Millie you are a little to friendly and spunky for me. (Mary Grace hides behind papi)

maggie and millie

Maggie is the alpha dog and teaches Millie she is a little too playful for this old girl. ( Millie is 2 Maggie is 13) A few growls later, they worked it out.

mary hiding

Mary Grade is terrified under the dininig room table.

millie sleeping

Puppy Millie blissfully asleep on the couch.

Maggie is too disgusted with all of the silliness to sit still for a photo. She is sulking in the corner.

If you would like to join in the fun please share a link to your furry baby in the comments. We don’t discriminate, all furry babies are welcome. I will post a round-up next Friday.

This week’s Round-Up includes our friend Ajax. Who doesn’t love a pile of stinky laundry? ❤ Thanks Ellen at projecteasier  for this adorable addition.

ajax laundry


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