French Onion Soup

IMG_6841[1]The hubs loves french onion soup. I hate french onion soup but I like to make it. It’s easy and it makes him happy so I don’t mind. I loosely used the recipe from Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook.

My version makes enough for 2 good servings.IMG_6838[1]

Enjoy 🙂

1 large’ sweet onion, sliced
2 C beef broth
1 tsp of worcestershire sauce
dash of pepper
1 fresh hoagie roll
cheese of your liking, I used an Italian mix.

1. Saute onion in pan with a bit of butter until golden.
2. Add beef broth, worcestershire sauce, pepper and bring to a boil. Let simmer a few minutes and turn to low heat.
3. Slice roll into thick slices, add butter to top, add cheese, and toast.
4. Spoon soup into bowl add some cheese, and place toasted cheesy bread on top.

That’s it. Easy peasy 🙂






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