Haiku Promise and Gift

haikupromiseandgiftI had a very stressful week at work. I had to deal with a couple of very unpleasant situations. I made it to the other side and I feel like I combated some fears I had. This past week left me feeling stronger and appreciative of each day I have to accept new challenges.

Enjoy my haiku this week. Our words are promise and gift. Visit my friend ronovanwrites to participate in the creative fun.

6 thoughts on “Haiku Promise and Gift

  1. Loved this one and your overcoming. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE this week but don’t tell anyone because I am not finished with the recap yet. SE PA? Check out Dazzling Whimsy she’s in the Poconos, unfortunately the town that mad man is located in. I actually blog on her site at times and help in the background when her teaching and being a Great Mom gets too hectic. http://dazzlingwhimsy.com/


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