Love has no age, no boundaries,
It doesn’t have a shape or a face.
It can be anywhere and everywhere,
And you’ll always be left with a bittersweet taste.

Love is when mother cooks your favorite food,
Just to see you glowing and laughing.
Love is when dad deliberately let’s you win,
The football game you like playing.

Love is when your sister takes the blame on herself,
To keep you safe and sound.
Love is when your brother has your back,
When hope and solace are nowhere to be found.

You feel love when grandma braids your hair,
To make you look like a royal queen.
Or when grandpa bought a Christmas tree,
All white and green.

Love is in the air when he asks you to marry him,
And you feel like you can’t help but blush.
Love is when she says, “Yes, I will!”
And your head…

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