Furry Baby Friday

Elegant Maggie

Elegant Maggie

Mary Grace

Mary Grace


I love my dogs. I mean I really love my dogs. My husband and I cherish our Border Collie mix rescue babies. We realize that we are a little crazy and to the non-dog or non-cat lover we may seem nuts but that’s our life.


My phone has thousands of adorable pictures of my pups and every Friday I will share my favorite ones with you. I encourage you to share your favorite pictures as well Please post a link to your photo or post in the comments below.

Visit Furry Baby Friday whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

12 thoughts on “Furry Baby Friday

  1. I can’t imagine life with out my dog, Toby. He’s a huge part of the family and joins in everything the family do, so I know exactly where you are coming from Angie. Your two dogs are beautiful and I know they give you and your life so much joy. I’d never be without a dog ever again. A real true companion.


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