Haiku Spirit and Flight

rw-weekly-haiku-challengeI am inspired by my new friend at ronovanwrites to participate in the weekly haiku challenge.  Visit ronovanwrites if you are interested in joining the creative fun. You will get a 2 word prompt every Monday at 9am EST and the deadline is Sunday by noon. Happy Haikuing

His spirit takes flight.
A great man, lives a great life.
To heaven he soars.

I attended my grandpop’s funeral today and I thought this was a fitting tribute. Charles H. Krause 1918-2014.


10 thoughts on “Haiku Spirit and Flight

  1. An excellent Haiku with an excellent story behind it. The best ones always have a story to them. And it sounds as though your grandpop was a fortunate man to have a granddaughter that thought so highly of him.
    Much Respect

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      • The poem commented on with your link was my own Haiku for the week for the prompt, but that’s not a big deal. I will copy and past it onto the challenge posting for you.
        To get a ping back to someone you need to put a link to a post from their blog. If you do it to the actual blog itself, the front page, there would not be a ping back.
        I actually might make a post about how to do this as several people lately have asked me about how to do a ping back. Now I have something to post tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you for the idea!

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