Armpit Fudge

armpit fudge

This is what we do at meetings for Children’s Librarians. Each month the children’s librarians from our county meet to share what we are doing, complain about what we have to do, and inspire each other to keep on going. We have 18 libraries in our county so we usually get a nice turnout. After we snacked, chatted, and picked our FREE books one of the librarians came around with a piece of American cheese and a baggie of powdered sugar.

I do what with the cheese? Yes, you put it in your armpit to warm it up. Well, ok.

After adding butter, cocoa powder, vanilla, and the warmed cheese you mash and mash until it resembles a brown blob. That’s your armpit fudge. Did I try it? Yes, after I saw my neighbor try it then smile I though I’d give it a go. Results? Well let’s just say that I think it would be a great project for young boys that think armpits are funny.

Really, it was pretty good. 😉

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