My Un-Diet Journey

Fat, skinny, big, small, what does it really matter. We all come in very different shapes and a variety of sizes. Why is small so desirable? Why is small better to so many people? Many of us are not small. Should we live our lives striving for unrealistic measurements and live hungry and miserable in the process? I say NO.

I have decided to embark on a journey, a journey of the un-diet. I want to enjoy the foods I eat and I want to feel good after a meal. I want to exercise without feeling exhausted and weak for days afterwards. I want to manage my diabetes without tragic swings in my sugar. I want balance. I want peace. I want a lot of things but most of all I want to feel better.

Join me on my journey towards better health. I will be eating when I am hungry. Moving somewhere between a snail’s pace and a dog with really short legs. I am going to take it slow and enjoy the process.

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