I Float Like a Rubber Duckie

I have taken the plunge and I joined a local gym. This gym is not your average place to workout. It is a all encompassing center of health. There is a spa, cafe, track, 3 indoor pools, machines galore, racketball courts and much more. I even have a nurse that helps me to manage my diabetes and my workouts.  If you are interested check out www.acac.com.

I discovered what may end up being my favorite class at the gym. Water Yoga? What? Yes we practice yoga in the water, in a warm water pool and it is fantastic. The pool might be 85 degrees, I’m not sure but it feels great. It is definitely not as hot as the hot tub I jump into after class. One of the best parts about taking water classes is that nobody can really see what you are doing. I find this fact to be extremey freeing and I can relax much more and enjoy my workout. I am forever comparing myself to everyone but being in the water prohibits my unhelpful competition and I stretch and splash away the hour.
If you have ener taken a yoga class on land you usually do a relaxation at the end called savasana. The water did not stop this relaxation but enhance it. We each got a noodle to support our neck and shoulders and push off to float on our backs. With my head partially submerged I couldn’t hear anything. These few moments floating like a rubber duckie were the most relaxing moments I can remember having in a very long time. I look forward to more of the same at my new gym.

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