A Planting We Will Go

Every year I think to myself how nice it would be if I planned ahead and started just a few plants and flowers from seeds. A few years ago I tried but I really wasn’t paying attention to the poor little things and they dried up. Was it their fault?  Goodness no. I just keep on trying. (I’ve been listening to Pete the Cat lately)
My seeds, my seeds, my growing little seeds. I am tryingn to grow lavender, basil (love to make pesto!! and last year I spend almost $4 for a little bushel.), marigolds, and 2 kinds of tomatos.

Here are all of my little pods, 72 to be exact. I gave them a little warm water and they plumped right up. ( I think  my first attemp a few years ago I just threw the seeds on top and squired them a bit.)  With much more care this time I gingerly poked my finger in the middle to make a bigger hole and then in went the seeds. I covered them up a little bit. Put the plastic lid on the little guys and turned on the grow light.
Warmth and lighting was another area that I ignored last time. Our house is pretty chilly and I know the little seeds need the light and warmth. I bought a 60 watt bulb and I point it at the seeds for about 8 hours a day.

Let’s see what happens.
Day 3. Good Morning little marigolds.

Please don’t die 🙂
The marigolds are the first ones to show a little green.

So this is week 5 and everything but the lavender is doing well. Tomatoes, marigolds, and basil are doing fine. I think I will start new flowers soon to replace the lavender.

4 thoughts on “A Planting We Will Go

  1. Ooh, you are ambitious. I'm a lazy, gentlewoman farmer who goes to Agway and buys tomato plants to stick in the ground … you put me to shame! Especially because I grew up in an area where at least half my classmates were involved in agriculture. You impress me!


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