Word of the Day: Perseverance

I finally finished the green vest. It turned out to the the best garment I have made so far. I think my husband will like it. I wanted to give up many times but I just put it aside for a few days and came back with new determination and finally finished it.

I was able to spend time with my sweet nephew, Tyson. At 14 months he is a bundle of energy. It was difficult to keep up with him. We were at my moms and her home is not exactly set up to let a little one run wild. We all had a fantastic time. Tyson’s cousins Gavin and Brody came to visit. They all played together so well.

Tyson finally took a nap and I was able to get a picture of him modeling his Christmas present, the lil’devil hat. I wanted to make sure it will fit him. In the picture he looks a little grumpy but once he fully woke up he was back to laughing, dancing running around the house.